Winter Tumbling Schedule 2020

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Monday L1 Tumble 4 PM
Monday L2 Tumble 4:45 PM
Monday L3 Tumble 5:30 PM
Monday L4 Tumble 6:15 PM
Monday Team Tumble 7 PM
Tuesday L1 Tumble 4 PM
Tuesday L2 Tumble 4:45 PM
Tuesday L3 Tumble 5:30 PM
Tuesday L4 Tumble 6:15 PM
Tuesday Team Tumble 7 PM
Wednesday L1 Tumble 4 PM
Wednesday L2 Tumble 4:45 PM
Wednesday L3 Tumble 5:30 PM
Wednesday L4 Tumble 6:15 PM
Wednesday Team Tumble 7 PM
Thursday L1 Tumble 4 PM
Thursday L2 Tumble 4:45 PM
Thursday L3 Tumble 5:30 PM
Thursday L4 Tumble 6:15 PM
Thursday Team Tumble 7 PM
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