In Ground Pit System 2021

It is a very exciting time to be an athlete at Culprit! Every program is experiencing growth, and it is time that we make a huge upgrade to our training equipment to safely train the new skills our talented athletes are working on! The new addition is an airbag pit! Coming 2021!

This system will provide improved safety and confidence as athletes learn elite acrobatic skills. It is a costly tool ($50-70k). Our goal is to cover the full amount through the sponsorship efforts from good people like you! You are contributing to the future success of many young athletes through your gift. 

Why do we need an airbag pit system?

Increased safety– Gymnastics is a sport that requires double twisting and double/triple flipping at the highest level. We have athletes ready to take that step, but they need your support.

Quicker Advancement – Elite gymnastic skills can take years of practice and the ability to attempt high level acrobatics safely is a high priority to us.

Less Spotting – Hand spotting athletes is necessary, but we are all human and reducing the number of hand spotted skills will help reduce injury and human error.

Lower Impact – Current mats do not compare to the impact reduction that airbag pit’s provide. We value the longevity of our young athletes and want to provide the best possible landing surface for them.

Thank you from our Team!

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