Culprit’s Tumble Fest 2020

December 29th, 3-6pm, All Levels, Ages 6+

Sign Up Link *Space is Limited*

Tumbling for Cheer, Gymnastics, Dance, Etc!

Bring your athlete to train with some of the best tumbling coaches in the Southeast!

Coaches like…

Austin CulpElite-Level Tumbling Coach for 11 yrs, Head Coach for Culprit’s Nationally Recognized Power Tumbling Team. (He can spot you without spilling his tea)

Rachel HarrisonTop Tumbling Coach for 18 years, Cheered at the University of West Georgia. Go Wolves! (Can get your Handspring to happen in ten minutes).

Arika Culp – Junior Olympic Gymnast turned collegiate cheerleader, Arika is currently the Assistant Coach at Shorter University and has been coaching advanced tumbling for 9 years. (Will fix your toe point with a flip of her hair).

Jimmy Sisson 30 years coaching experience, has coached multiple National Championship Teams in Allstar Cheerleading along with Worlds teams, and D1 & D2 Summit. (The twisting genius).

Shania Green – Currently Culprit’s Lead Gymnastic Coach. She is on her way to becoming an elite power tumbler, Shania has every type athletic background and will love helping you or your athlete get their next skill! She has 5 years experience with all types of tumbling disciplines. (Will demonstrate SO perfectly, we all stop to watch).

Dean Haynes– Culprit’s lead performance training & speed coach, he will focus on what really matters to athletic success: Speed, Power, and Injury Prevention. Dean played football at NC State, and he has been a Parisi Speed Master Coach for 7 years.

And more…

**Space is Limited** Click the link to save your spot: Sign Up

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