All-Star Cheer Tryouts Coming Soon!

All-Star Cheerleading practice is nearly here! If you’re interested in being an All- Star or want a leg up to compete in school cheerleading, you’ve found the right spot! We have open time slots for team placements. These are short sessions that will place you with the appropriate skill and age level. Keep in mind, space is limited!

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Day: April 30th or May 1st

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Culprit is excited to be growing in this area! All-Star Cheerleading is a highly-competitive sport that is open to  ages 5-18.

Culprit’s first priority is safety, so know we will do what is best for each and every athlete!


The placement session is used as a tryout to find the best fit for your athlete. We want your success!


Culprit’s coaches pride themselves on bettering their athletes, helping them reach their maximum potential.

Skill and Age Levels: Tiny or Mini Level 1: ages 5-8

-Stunts: Hip level and prep level are allowed. Extension level is allowed in pyramid.-Tumble: Cartwheels, round offs, back walkovers are allowed.

Junior Level 1: ages 7-14 

-Stunts: Hip level prep level is allowed. Extension level is allowed in pyramid. Flyers need to pull all body positions.  -Tumble: Back and front Walkovers, Cartwheel and round off combinations are allowed.

Junior Level 2: ages 7-14

-Stunts: Prep level and extended level (one foot is allowed on both), and requires minimal flips and spins. Flyers need to pull all body positions.  -Tumble: Back and front Walkovers, running- and standing-back handsprings. 

Junior or Senior Level 3:  ages 7-14 OR 11-18 

-Stunts: Extended level on one leg, requires flipping and spinning. Flyers need to pull all body positions.  -Tumble: Back and front Walkovers, running handspring tucks and standing multiple back handsprings. 

Senior Level 4-5 CO-ED: ages 11-18 

– Stunts: Toss hands, press extensions, press to one leg, straight-up extensions and one-legs. Flyers need to pull all body positions.  – Tumble: Running layouts, fulls, standing tucks, and jumps-to-tucks. 

Disclaimer: Many factors play into making a team, other than just overall skill, the levels listed above are to give you an idea of what is expected. However, the ages cannot be altered.

Thanks so much for being an ALL-STAR! Let’s get this 2021 season started!

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